I’m Not Really a Waitress by OPI


Nail Polish Review

It seemed just about every shade of red nail enamel had already been created until I’m Not Really a Waitress by OPI arrived in nail salons and on beauty store shelves. It became an instant classic nail polish shortly after it was first introduced a few years ago. Red, of course, has always been a favorite nail color, but this is considered one of the best reds ever. OPI is the #1 nail enamel company, and I’m Not Really a Waitress is their #1 color; it won awards the year it came out and continues to be OPI’s bestseller. (Some beauty stores which don’t stock any of the OPI collections stock this OPI polish.)


It truly is a beautiful metallic red shimmery nail color. It is not for everyone, but everyone should try it at least once. Try it yourself and see if you fall in love with it.


Except in bright light this nail polish looks like burgundy. Although the richness of the color cannot be fully appreciated without good lighting, I’m Not Really a Waitress is an excellent choice for an elegant woman in her thirties or forties who loves old Hollywood glamour and is going out to a formal evening event or special dinner. This color goes well with a classic evening dress color such as dark burgundy or black. It is hard to classify it as a warm red or a cool red; it seems to be right in between warm and red, and that is one reason why it can go with almost anything. Some women may find this color is too dark; other OPI reds have more “pop.” Waitress is similar to Blackberry by Revlon, but not quite as dark.

Like all OPI nail lacquers, Waitress goes on easily with a nice glossy finish. Here it has a Seche Vite top coat for extra shine and perfectly smooth look.

Besides its provocative, cute, amusing name, I’m Not Really a Waitress is beautiful, glamorous, rich and sexy–everything you could want in a nail polish.


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