Orly Ridgefiller


Nail ridges can be an annoying nail problem for otherwise perfect nails. Once they first appear, it can be very difficult if not impossible to get rid of them. We are born with smooth nails, but over time, faint ridges can appear; and in later years they can become more pronounced.

Nail ridges run the length of nails or across them and, if you are really unlucky, in both directions. The vertical ridges are typically the result of poor diet or aging; whereas horizontal ridges more commonly are found after frequently wearing nail products such as nail polish. Either the chemicals in nail polish or nail polish remover can be too strong for a sensitive nail bed and leave a slight scaring or ridge.

Orly, one of the leading nail polish and nail treatment companies, offers a temporary solution to the chronic problem of nail ridges. Ridgefiller, as its name suggests, fills nail ridges. It comes in a bottle of the same shape and size as all Orly nail polishes; and you apply it just like regular nail polish. Depending on how deep your nail ridges are, you can expect to apply two to four coats of Ridgefiller before all your ridges are completely filled.

This product was not as thick as you might expect to quickly fill in ridges–ideally one coat would fill all ridges. But it went on smoothly without streaking and dried quickly leaving a smooth finish, just as you would expect.

It looks milky white and it’s about as viscous as milk. You can apply a fairly generous amount in one coat to get full, even coverage of each nail without getting bubbles. It is a good basecoat and nail polish applied on top of Ridgefiller was perfectly smooth.

If you can’t get Ridgefiller, a simple solution to the ridge problem is just apply more nail polish. Two extra coats of regular polish or four coats of thin polish may be enough to completely hide ridges–and you’ll also get the bonus of completely even, perfectly smooth nails. Unfortunately, this product really isn’t any more thick than most regular nail polishes, so it may seem like a gimmick.

Orly Ridgefiller is available online at many internet beauty stores.

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