Elegant Nail Designs for Brides

Every wedding has photos of the wedding rings. Often there are pictures of the bride and the groom with their hands touching and sometimes when the bride has a perfect manicure, just her hands.

Nails are important to brides just like all the other aspects of bridal beauty. Since it’s such a special day, they like a special manicure that is elegant and sophisticated. In this section there are some wedding photos to give you ideas on pretty manicures.

One of the best tips for brides is to use a strong topcoat on your manicure. The last thing you want to see is your manicure chipped. Experiment with different topcoats before your wedding and different numbers of coats, e.g., two or even three instead of one. Two coats of Seche Vite can provide rock solid protection.

Sally Hansen has a special section of its website for brides. It offers optimized pictures of simple bridal nail styles including the French Manicure which it says is: “a sophisticated touch for the classic wedding look.” Bridal nail art has become a popular look to add more elegance to French nails, but not every nail salon does it to high enough standards which a bride will find acceptable. French Manicures dot com shows you nail style pictures so at least you can find the style you want before you find the technician you need.

Brides may also be interested in other beauty ideas such as wedding hairstyles so they can be elegant from the tops of their heads to the tips of their nails. Some salons offer wedding hair and makeup while others can offer full beauty packages for the brides and bridesmaids. NailCreations.com, for example, is a UK firm which offers to “take care of every aspect of your special day to make it a memorable one, be it Nails, Makeup, Hair Styling.”

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